Sheep For Sale

All of my 2018 Wensleydale and Gotland lambs are sold.  If you are interested in a lamb for next year, please contact me and we can discuss putting you on a waiting list!


B10CB18D-EE29-41B5-AEDC-F017FE848F82NOW OFFERING!  RAM FOR SALE.  Ace is a GORGEOUS and good minded 2018 natural colored ram lamb I am offering for sale.  I really wanted to keep this guy, but he’s too closely related to what I have.  I used him on two ewes this fall and both are ultrasound positive pregnant, so he can get the job done!  Gorgeous face, beautiful fleece.    For sale only because I need to buy a replacement ram for next year! He has NOT been shorn yet and I pulled his coat for breeding.  Will get more current photos and copy of pedigree if interested. He is registered 92%.  $950 to approved home.

RAM LAMB.  I will have a stunning 93% BLACK Wensleydale ram lamb available after weaning.  He is just too nice to wether and he is too closely related to my flock for me to use his genetics. He will be registered.  Asking $500.  SOLD!


I will have some Gotland lambs available after weaning, 85% and up.  Prices will start at $400 for ewe lambs.  If you are interested in a ram lamb, either for a fleece wether or breeding animal, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss what you are looking for.  I will be keeping most of them for shearling fleeces.  ALL SOLD.

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