Fiber and Fleece

I almost always have raw fleece for sale!  Take a look below at some of my creations using Gotland and Wensleydale fleece.


Beautiful purl and luster, soft and luscious Gotland fleece! Just over 4 lb raw, very little vegetable matter. This is from my young 2016 ram, lightly skirted. Light to medium gray. Staple length 4-1/2 to 5 inches.  Price is for entire fleece.  $75 plus shipping for entire fleece, a little over 4 lb.  SOLD!



Natural colored Wensleydale fleece, raw, well skirted, 3.7 lb.  Very little vegetable matter!  This is from Frances, a lovely mature ewe.  Staple length 5-1/2” I stretched on average.  $85 for entire fleece plus shipping.  SOLD!

I have some washed fleeces available.  I try to keep this page up to date, but I usually have more wool for sale than is listed on this page.  If you are looking for Gotland or Wensleydale fleece,  please feel free to contact me!

Hand spun white Gotland on the left, lock spun Wensleydale on the right.



Dyed iridescent Wensleydale and Teeswater locks.  Amazing luster!!!



Over-dyed Gotland gray locks.  Soft gems!


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